A few months ago, I visited the governments online guidelines and regulations for starting a non-profit corporation.  Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed. I took it one step further and decided to ask my accountant about what the tax ramifications were. He was less than reassuring.  Bluntly put, he said, “ you had better know what you are doing, because record keeping is essential and the government has strict demands”.  I found his comment intimidating.

Since then, I have discovered Nonprofits First, a wonderful organization, whose mission is to “ promote quality and accountability in the non-profit community through leadership development, education, and management services “.

This amazing organization will make learning to develop and run your non-profits fun and easy.  Everything you need to do professionally is presented in a carefully designed program for the beginner or even the seasoned non-profit business owner, who needs to keep up to date with the  governments changing regulations. Nonprofits First will sharpen your financial management skills, leadership skills, technological knowledge, and assistance finding the right personnel for your agency.

Nonprofits First is lead by Kathy Adams, who brings a wealth of experience to the team. If you want to know just where to go and what to do, to become a leader within you’re our company, listen to Kathy Adams interview on Never Say Impossible by clicking the link below.