Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is fleeting and if you spend a lot of time worrying, or complaining about the little annoyances that we face day in and day out you’ll be wasting so much good time. We have ups and downs every day of our life. If you let the downs affect your attitude, you’ll miss the ups.

Let me give you an example. My husband is tall and I am not. When he would drive my car, he would move the position of my seat so that he would be comfortable for him and his long legs. Of course, he would always forget to put it back into the position that I am comfortable driving at. I used to let his carelessness annoy me to no end when I was in a rush in the morning to leave the house.  I would complain, dispute the fact that it takes less than a second or two to move the seat back, adjust the rearview mirror, and position the side view mirrors. I would grumble that all too frequently my husband neglected to return the seat to my position.

A little while ago, I had a cervical laminectomy (neck fusion). While I was recovering, with limited mobility, I had a great deal of time to reflect on my attitude, my life, and how easily I took things for granted. Why did I allow a small and frivolous thing such as the seat position in my car to give me a reason to fit?  How petty and silly of me.  I was took for granted the fact that I could jump in my car and go anywhere I wanted until my driving became restricted during the months healing after my cervical fusion. I couldn’t drive the car at all.

Oh my aching neck!

So much time is wasted complaining about little annoyances. If I would spend as much time thinking about the pleasures and the freedom that I do enjoy in my life, I think every day would be brighter than the day before. Often we have to be faced with a loss before we appreciate the blessings in our life.

Here are a few tips on how to not sweat the small stuff:

  • Make an effort not to take anything for granted, no matter how commonplace it may seem.
  • Always remember that all those wonders (no matter how small) that you enjoy in your life, could be gone in an instance and you will surely miss them.
  • Stop everyday and say thank you for the gifts you enjoy in your life. You will be surprised at how much better your mindset will become.  You will actually be a nicer person to be around.
  • Think about the people you love and let them know you love them. Watch and see how much more love you will receive in return.
  • Think about the freedom you enjoy in your life and celebrate it.

I guarantee your spirit, your life, and your relationships with flourish in the light of your gratitude and appreciation. It’s really easy to do.