Too much information all at one time?

Do you feel that you’re in a race with yourself on a daily basis to learn what you need to learn about new technology regarding everything? You are not alone; we are all in the same race and no matter how fast you go you will always be just a little behind.

Don’t give up just take baby steps and focus. Ask yourself, what do you need to learn first?


The biggest culprits are social media and the Internet; let alone new cell phone technology? Just when we learn something new about technology, it becomes obsolete and the race continues. It’s a constant stream of information that almost no one  (even if you are really young) can ever be completely on top. In addition to all this technology, which is so enticing, there is also a constant stream of information warning us of the pitfalls of jumping feet first into some kind of new program offered by these technology (Giants). The warnings always seem to come a little to late, right after you are up to your eye balls in all that new stuff. It all boils down to too much information, coming at us too fast and way to seductively. Take the time to master one thing at a time. There will always be something new tomorrow. You just might find that you are glad you took you time and therefore avoided some costly and hasty mistakes. It’s like being in a noisy room for very long periods of time. Eventually you’ll tune out all the static, and since you can not make it go away, your mind puts the unnecessary noise into the background.  Unfortunately, most of us become slightly deaf and miss a great deal of important information.

Here are a few hints that I have found really work to control TMI.


  • Pick a few experts in each area of technology where you want to expand your knowledge. In other words you have to do some research and quick scanning of articles and blogs.
  • If you are impressed, subscribe to their publication. Each time they post something, you will be notified.
  • Learn; really learn what they are teaching before moving on.
  • Eliminate most other spam and advertisements you receive offering you a simple and easy ways to improve your performance with technology. I’m sorry to say there aren’t any short cuts.
  • Be careful about signing up for that special offer that will only cost you X  dollars? It’s an easy trap to fall into and before you know it, you can go through tons of money on useless programs and e-books that offer too much and all to often too little information.

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Thank you for reading my blog.