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Will  help you to learn how to use Twitter effectively to assist you with your communication efforts

Creative Communications Director at Y.E.S. Learn about Twitter with Anne-Maria

Creative Communications Director at Y.E.S.
Learn all about Twitter with Anne-Maria

Communicating  effectively on Twitter requires general knowledge of the application.

To be a great communicator it takes practice.

Communicating via a 140 character tweet

Communicating via a 140 character tweet

Twitter obsession is contagious, and it is growing stronger all the time.  If you love Twitter, you are seldom without your smartphone.  In restaurants, on buses, in theater intermissions, during your coffee break at work, airline terminals, doctor’s offices, dentist’s waiting rooms, and even walking your dog are all opportunities to check your Twitter feed.  Just in case you didn’t know, airlines are very Twitter friendly.  The airlines are always tweeting updates and believe it or not, they will answer your direct Twitter message to them  regarding your flight issues.

Never leaver home without your phone

Never leave home without your phone

Social media has gone viral, and we have all caught the virus.  Many of us learn about current events and the news through Twitter feed.  In addition, all the trending topics are available through Twitter posts if you follow the right people and magazines.  Celebrity gossip is always a lure. Many people feel that it is a good source of local news as well.  Do you think it has gone too far and are we totally addicted and emotionally dependent on social media?

Can you believe we lived without communicating on social media?

I personally think it is part of our lives, and it is here to stay.  One very important part of the equation is the fact that one must be able to communicate effectively.  What you say, whether it is through a text message, email, blog, or social media post, is what people will believe about you, your skill set, ability, and brand.

Why talk if we can tweet or text?

Why talk if we can tweet or text?

Can we all agree that the Internet and social media are good tools if you know how to use them?  This is where the problem begins.  How many people of the millions using social media know what they are doing on each different application?  Most of us are so enamored with the concept and how engaging it is, we jump in without proper knowledge of the differences between each social media application.  As a result, there is lots of junk floating around and too many people self-promoting without communicating or engaging in conversations.  No one makes a friend or a new client by shoving an advertisement in his or her face the very first time you contact that person.  If you constantly promote your product or services without meaningful content your potential clients will disappear in a cloud of dust.  We all hate being advertised to. So, what do you do if you want to market yourself via social media without overwhelming and annoying people?  Doing so will prompt them to put your communication in the spam folder or even worse the trash bin?  The quickest and easiest way is to seek professional help.  Some communications specialists are so well versed and experienced in the various types of applications that it is a wise decision to seek their advice. It is well worth investing a little bit of money and time to learn how to use social media so that your communication skills will improve.  Imagine, really getting people to click on your messages and posts before they hit the delete button.

Never Say Impossible  is pleased to introduce you to Anne-Maria Yritys who is the Creative Communications Director at Y.E.S.  (Yritys Executive Services).  She has an MBA in international business management from Finland, communicates fluently in several languages and has a passion for inspiring leadership and authentic, positive communication.

With her vast international experiences and love for humanity, she is a Global Citizen who values ethical leadership and responsible decision-making.  She believes in advanced communication, empowerment, continuous development and higher education and learning leading to sustainable economic development and a sustainable future in individuals, organizations and nations across our Globe.  Her mission and vision include accelerating positive change through effective change communication and leadership.

Anne-Maria will be a great help for you as you become a Twitter expert

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