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Toastmaster extraordinaire

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Toastmasters International can change your life.  The minute you begin to speak, you are being judged.  Have you ever met anybody who looks great, walks the walk, however they do not talk the talk?  They speak and ruin the entire picture.  Remember that class you took in college that sounded really interesting until the professor put you to sleep after the first 30 minutes?  Have you ever heard of Toastmasters International or belonged to one of their worldwide clubs?  People who lack the skill of communicating effectively are at a disadvantage in every facet of their lives.  To be a great leader, sales person, trainer, coach, dispatcher, instructor, or just about any one who deals with the public, you must know how to deliver your message.

The instructor knew what he was talking about, but no one was listening.

The instructor knew what he was talking about, but no one was listening.

Are you really confident when you stand before others and open your mouth to speak?  If you have doubts, Toastmasters can help you?  Have you ever heard yourself on a tape recording or played back a message you left on someones phone and felt uncomfortable listening to your own message?  Did you use to many ahhhh’s and humm’s?   Listening to your own voice can be painful when you have not mastered the art of efficient communication.  Bad speech habits are easily corrected when an individuals really wants to improve.   Remember your speaking habits  may cause you to pay a high price during an interview for a job, or lose the ability to effectively tell your supervisor why you deserve a raise.  The inability to speak with influence and authority can also weaken your power when you tell a funny story to your friends and family.

Do you lack the confidence to stand before a crowd and speak?

Do you lack the confidence to stand before a crowd and speak?

Most of us communicate naturally by the time we are about two years old.  However, we learn to speak based on  our environment and the region in which we were born.  Occasionally, we fall into commonly accepted over used expressions such as, “does that make sense” or “you know what I mean?”  It can be downright irritating to the listener.  Sometimes to the point that the audience loses interest altogether and their mind begins to wander.  At that point, the game is over and your message is lost.

Today on Never Say Impossible Radio we are talking to a gentleman with excellent communication skills acquired through hard work along with the assistance of Toastmasters.  His name is Tony Longley and he is a winning speaker.  However, I would like to make it clear that learning how to communicate with Toastmasters is rewarding and fun.  It is also a great way to make new friends.  How do I know this?  The answer is simple.  I have been a Toastmaster myself.

Tony Longley’s bio: 

Anthony Jerome Longley, AKA: “Tony the Tiger” is a native of The Bahamas and resides on the capitol island of Nassau. A 31 year veteran of the insurance industry, Longley is a specialist in Life and health insurance and employee benefits practicing with Colina Insurance Ltd. as an Executive Financial Services Representative. He is a Life Member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), an international organization headquartered in Park Ridge, Illinois which recognizes the top 3% of industry sales achievers globally. He is also a certified sales trainer.

Longley joined Toastmasters 27 years ago because he was directed to do so by his sales director. He had a difficult start and thought many times about quitting. He endured and today he serves as District 47 Governor with responsibility for nearly 200 clubs in South East Florida, The Keys and The Bahamas.

An experienced marathon runner, Longley is a member of the Roadmasters Running Club in Nassau and an accomplished photographer. He and his wife Jackie have 2 daughters, Antonia and Alissa.

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Anthony (Tony) Longley, DTM
District Governor, 2014-2015
“In Pursuit of Excellence”
District 47|Region 8

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