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Lorna McCarty, Relationship Coach

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Relationships are challenging.   If you think about it, most of us are constantly entwined in relationships and struggling to be respected.   We interact with our mates, with our children, with associates and superiors at work and with our extended families.   Relationships are a never ending evolving tug-of-war.   I think that most of us will agree that intimate relationships are the most important ones to balance if you want to be happy.  If you are not happy at home, it will impact your entire world.

We all start out  projecting our perfect imaginary partner onto the objects of our affections.  As time goes by we begin to see clearly who our partner truly is.  We also drop our own defenses and reveal our authentic selves.   In addition, we are constantly growing and changing.  Unfortunately for many couples, they grow apart because they are growing up.  Their interests are changing as well.

 Another complication is the  addition of a family.  All those personalities under one roof can be stressful for the most balanced family.   When you add into the equation that today in 2015 most families are comprised of two partners and offspring.  Often both parents are working  and trying to juggle their time.  It is understandable that problems begin to  emerge.   Outside professional pressures are often sitting  invisibly at the dinner table creating even more complications. Arguments never solve problems

 At that point, communication begins to break down.  Financial pressures come visiting and never leave, and arguments break out and couples find themselves going to bed angry. Are you lonely in your relationship?  As if things were not bad enough, social media and the Internet are also major distractions.  I recently went to dinner with my husband, with whom I have been married to since I was 20,  and there was a couple sitting across from us.  They appeared to be in their late 20s.  It was very sad to watch them have absolutely no conversation except with their smart phones as they sat in silence waiting for their food to be served.

Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to present relationship coach, Lorna McCarty. Lorna is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and Co-author of a new book published in 2015.

Dare to be Authentic Vol. 2 Relationship Coach, and Founder of Phoenix  Rising  Relationships Coaching. Lorna comes to us today with a long history of helping people heal their relationships,  rekindled passion,  stop arguing,  communicate better, and learn to listen to their partners  before judging their actions in a negative fashion.

Lorna is going to share her story and some helpful relationship improvement tips with us today.

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About Lorna McCarty

BIO: Lorna McCarty is a speaker, author and founder of Phoenix Rising Relationship Coaching, based in Reno, Nevada. She lives with her husband of 26 years, along with her two beautiful children. She is an animal lover who owns an extremely friendly Chocolate Lab, a dippy Standard Poodle, one annoying Cockatiel, a crazy black cat, and a very bright Morgan horse.

She earned a professional coach certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, (IPEC), in 2010. She is an ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner). She is a former Television Reporter and News Anchor, has a Masters’ in Education, spending15 years in the classroom as an educator and facilitator. And she has spent a lifetime studying the psychology of human behavior.

It is her goal to connect with her clients no matter where they are in their relationship journey, giving them the necessary support and tools to get them back on track to live life and love in gratitude.

Mission Statement: I help couples in long-term relationships rekindle the passion and closeness they once felt, creating renewed desire and a heartfelt connection that lasts a lifetime.


Contact information: Lorna McCarty

Email address: [email protected]

Business Phone number: 1-775-772-3645

City/State: Reno, Nevada