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Never Say Impossible Radio chats with writer Terry Palmer

Author of Procrastinators Guide To Valentine’sDay

Discover new ways to say “I Love You”

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Love and St. Valentine’s Day originates back to 269 AD. The day became popular  during the nineteenth century in the United States and Europe. We celebrate St. Valentines day 2015, by giving those we love gifts of candy, flowers, and greeting cards.  images-6Terry Palmer has some valueable suggestions to make the day especially WONDERFUL!

Terry Palmer author of the Procrastinators Guide To Valentine’s Day

Why should this day be celebrated and not the remaining 364 days as equally important when it comes to love?  As a woman I enjoy talking about my emotions.  However, love and the topic of feelings in general can make most men feel boxed into a corner. Women speak freely about their emotions whenever they are given a chance. Girlfriends are great audiences and willingly contribute ideas and feedback to their friends when love is being discussed. They do not fear being perceived as weak when they open up and reveal what their true inner feelings are.


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However, on the other hand, men withdraw frequently when the topic of love is discussed. He will procrastinate and avoid the topic as much as possible.  They totally shut down and refuse to commit or reveal their emotions.  Women constantly wonder why the subject is so easy for them to talk about and yet such a struggle for men. Is it because men prefer to show affection in different ways and choose to forget about all the talking?

How do men show their love to others?

Darn if I know?  Sometimes it’s beyond my understanding. When a man preforms a household chore, women feel grateful. Seldom do women feel that it is a way for a man to say “I love you.” It’s simply not enough for most women. To make matters worse, we expect our partners to do household duties anyway.  To the man, he perceives that he has taken part in an act of love. It was a big deal to him. The woman, on the other hand, thinks to herself, I could hire a maid to do that.  At that point, the woman generally rejects the idea that it was an act of love. This is an example of true miscommunication between partners.

When Valentine’s Day rolls around many women feel disappointed if their mates do not go out of their way to gift them something special wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with a gorgeous bow. The gift is often the exact gift that has been given repeatedly. Boring as the gift maybe, the woman still feels validated. Why? Why does that day become so important when there are 364 remaining days for people to show their love to one another?

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 Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to have Terry Palmer visiting with us to discuss some very engaging ideas about love. Terry has ideas to help men say “I love you.”



About the author Terry Palmer:

Terry Palmer is an author of faith-based literature.  He is inspired by his own personal struggles when he endured three surgeries, months of recovery, and a new direction in life – writing. Terry discovered the healing power of creativity. He states, “ I praise the Lord for that accident, and for taking me away from who I thought I was, and guiding me to make a firm change in my life and lifestyle in order to find hope and encouragement in the Holy Scriptures, faith in Christ, and my novels.”

Terry is a loving caregiver to his wife Leann.  Together they share great compassion and love for each other and above all, for God.

Terry and Leann, married 39 years, both enjoy artistic pursuits, gardening, reading, teaching, and seven of the best grandchildren ever.

Contact Terry at 222 2nd Ave. SW, Milltown, WI. 54858, or at [email protected].   Or call 715-338-0883 most afternoons