Never Say Impossible Radio interviews Fatoumata Doumbia

Hunger is an issue that cannot be ignored no matter where it occurs.

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 Hunger is not what we think of when we think of Africa? Most of us envision it as fertile land, rich with agriculture, beautiful forests, jungles filled with magnificent animals and Africa’s abundance of oil and minerals.Beautiful Africa

 Help the farmers own their land 

What we do not think of is the hunger, poverty, political dissension, and lack of fundamental education for their young people, especially girls. Foreign interests have further weakened their economy. The people of Africa are threatened by child mortality, starvation on a wide scale in certain regions, the spread of disease, poor sanitation, undeveloped rural areas, and the loss of farms and property that have been in families for generations.

What if you could help? Would you? Hunger and poverty should concern every one on this planet. Why should some of us prosper and others go hungry and struggle to remain alive? Why should any mother watch her child starve to death, or her  daughter drop out of school because the family could not afford school supplies?

Did you know that the average young African girl drops out of school by the age of 12?  It is unthinkable in our Western civilization.  What a waste of talent that could be a gift to the future of this planet. Imagine the possibilities and the contributions of these young women to society if they received adequate education and training. The African governments and their international partners must learn to work together to support their people, which will help Africans to grow and prosper from their countries own agriculture and resources.

We can help the entrepreneur’s grow strong and create prospity for the West African people.

While there has been economic growth in Western Africa due to their petroleum and mining industries, the backbone for growth of the African people rests with their agriculture. The prosperity that Africa has seen in the last 10 years has not had a positive impact on the lives of the average farmer, who just happens to be a woman. There has not been a trickle-down effect. It has been the opposite with many farmers losing land and becoming refugees. It is a sad state of affairs. The African people need economic diversification, equipment and education about new technologies, which will create a stronger workforce. Africa can flourish and we can help make that happen.

 Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to introduce you to Fatoumata Doumbia, originally born in Mali, West Africa, and the founder of a non profit organization, AGILE International.   She made it her mission in life to create opportunities for women in poverty to rise to the class of land owner, small scale farmer, and cooperative entrepreneur by purchasing land, and handing over the title for that land to the women of Mali.

Agile International’s model is an innovative way to stimulate sustainable development. Contrary to cultural rules in Mali, we purchase land and give it to women to raise crops that can feed their families or be sold to fund education for children. The women in our program will receive training in organic farming and entrepreneurship to increase their economic opportunities. Our model is scalable-as we receive funding.  We purchase land so more women can grow additional crops and each woman will pass on what they learn to others.  The opportunities for prosperity can be shared across all of West Africa.

About Fatou Doumbia:

 Fatou Doumbia—Founder Ms. Doumbia has a long history of finding and applying strategies that help her community thrive. Originally from Mali, she is intensely dedicated to helping the young people of West Africa succeed and contribute to their community. Since the early days of her college education, her vision has been to integrate and coordinate resources and people for organizational success. As an example of her organizational ability, she coordinated medical resources that eradicated schistosomiasis from her neighborhood in Mali. Ms. Doumbia has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and has worked at IBM as a systems analyst and trainer. This experience has given her the ability to think critically, respond creatively and solve complex problems. She has a reputation for perseverance and sound decision-making. Fatou  asks us to open our eyes to the suffering and and open our hearts and help support her non-profit and the fture of West Africa.

Agile International goals are empowering women while returning Mali and West Africa to food abundance.

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To learn more about Agile International, please visit the following links: – website; – YouTube channel; – Indiegogo Campaign.



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