Dancing on our Disabilities Radio interviews Terry Palmer

Tery Palmer-Author

  Innately all humans are creative to a greater or lesser degree.  Tapping into your creativity has many benefits. In some cases, creativity emerges at a very early age. However, in other cases it may take decades to surface. Most people do not realize that they use creativity in many facets of their daily life. It could be as simple as deciding the right tie to wear with a certain color shirt and suit, or what spices you choose to use to flavor whatever it is that you are cooking. I consider creativity the backbone of life. The mind is a powerful tool.  If you couple creativity, passion, and faith together the possibility of developing new ideas is limitless.  Many adults lose their natural desire to focus on creativity because they are bogged down with the burdens of earning a living and raising a family.  When creativity begins to wane so does passion, and enthusiasm slows to a crawl as well, which leads to a mundane lifestyle and a great deal of dissatisfaction. Creativity does not just happen. It has to be nurtured.  In some instances, an individual may need to be inspired by something external to ignite a healthy passion for something new.  In other circumstances, creativity that has been dormant for years can surface due to an unexpected adversity, loss, challenge, or illness. There are no magic pills to help you get over adversity, but one of the most beneficial aspects of creativity is that it heals the spirit. It is almost impossible to feel depressed when you are focused on creating something new. It is like an electrifying stimulus to the brain. Let your imagination run wild, and you will find that you have less physical and emotional pain. A few benefits of Creativity :

  • Strengthens self-esteem
  • Stimulates brain activity
  • Creates passion and focus
  • Helps develop a positive mind set
  • Creates a reason to live
  • Opens your mind to possibilities
  • Allows your spirit to run free and explode the unknown

Dancing on our Disibilities is pleased to introduce you to Terry Palmer, author of Chonicles of Orm, Book one-Ledgend of Cre-Lo-Way.  Terry knows first hand how creativity can add meaning and purpose in your life.  He is here today to share his story of triumph over adversity by tapping into his own imagination, creativity and faith. Click here to listen to Terry Palmer Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link About Terry Palmer: Terry Palmer lives in small town, America in northwest Wisconsin, (go Packers).  Terry and Leann, married 39 years, both enjoy artistic pursuits, gardening, reading, teaching, and seven of the best grandchildren ever. Leann suffers with fibromyalgia, diabetes, and depression.  Her disabilities have stopped her writing, although not before she wrote a three book series, showing how a woman with disabilities such as hers, could still proceed in life with grace and beauty through hard times.  As a husband a care giver, Terry provides help and care with each growing difficulty, learning that faith, love, and a patient step can accomplish much in the face of adversity. Terry learned quite a bit about chronic pain with his own life adventure.  In 2008, Terry suffered an industrial accident, followed by three surgeries, months of recovery, and a new direction in life – writing.  I praise the Lord for that accident, for taking me out of who I was, of making a firm change in life and lifestyle in order to find hope and encouragement in the Holy Scriptures, faith in Christ, and my novels. Contact Terry  [email protected].