Dancing on our Disabilities Radio interviews Sam Patterson – Florida Board of Education-  Division of Blind Services

Sam Patterson

What if you lost your sight?

How many children worldwide over the entire history of mankind have played hide and seek?  It’s a game that depends on using several of our senses, but weighs heavily on sight.  We blindfold the seeker and then play a game of hiding somewhere out of sight, not easily found.  It’s definitely a sense enhancing game that we all enjoy, but without sight the game would definitely be less popular.

How many babies have giggled and opened their eyes wide with delight when the “jack pops out of the box?” Once again, it’s a game that can only be fully enjoyed by those blessed with hearing and sight.  Nevertheless, both childhood favorite games are usually played with sighted children. The gift of sight and the wonderful world of color can never be taken for granted.  Let’s face it; sight is an essential sense and a gift.

The loss of sight is something everyone fears at any age. It seems so basic and necessary to live an independent existence. The last time the lights went out anywhere in a public setting, no matter what the reason was, everyone gasped. Can you imagine living your life in darkness, not knowing day from the night?

We are all aware that the remaining senses of an unsighted person become exceptionally keen, but even with your other senses enhanced, life still remains a challenge if you cannot see.  Some incredibly talented people have had to struggle through life in a world where the sun’s golden light never greeted them in the morning to give them a spiritual lift. So many of us complain about the gloomy days of winter and the grey sunless days.  Imagine for a moment what that would mean to you if you never saw the sun again on a personal level?

I find that individuals with loss of vision or limited vision are very resilient. I have great admiration for their quest for independence. Today Dancing on our Disabilities Radio interviews Sam Patterson, an Employment Specialist with the Division of Blind Services. Sam is going to share some important information about the agency and the work he is doing with to enrich other peoples lives today.

What you will hear during this wonderful interview: The Mission & Goal of the organization, Services, The Plan, Employment Services,Requirements,Resources, and much more.

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About Sam:

Sam at work helping others

 Sam Patterson has worked in the field of employment and training over the past twenty seven years along the Treasure Coast.  He has hosted and facilitated several workshops on subjects that have included diversity, sensitivity,  the hiring and retaining of individuals with disabilities, surviving employment layoffs, and staff training for Employment Consultants.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Langston University, much of Sam’s education came from corporate training seminars and by serving on leadership boards.

Currently, he is an Employment Placement Specialist with the Division of Blind Services. Sam responsibilities include job development and community advocating for the blind and visually impaired in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. One of Sam’s missions is to ensure Floridians with disabilities have the tools and support to achieve success. Sam Patterson currently resides with his wife Condelle in Port St. Lucie.