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Our American veterans need our help

Americans feel a great deal of gratitude and respect for our veterans who have served in times of war and peace to protect our citizens and our land.  We are a patriotic nation and promise to provide great services for those veterans who are in need of assistance.  We commit to providing great healthcare for both physical and emotional issues. We promise to offer retraining programs and employment opportunities, as well as support for families in crisis, shelters when housing becomes an issue, and an entire host of benefits ranging from low interest rates on mortgages and business loans, to just about anything that a citizen needs to live a productive, healthy, happy life.

All of that sounds terrific, but recently it has come to light that many American veterans are suffering and our bureaucratic system is failing them. They are put on long waiting lists for medical services and all to often fall through the cracks and no one notices until there is a tragedy.  Why?  How could such an injustice prevail?  Over the last several decades we have all come to recognize the seriousness of the invisible disabilities of war, as well as the visible scars that veterans carry with them for life.  I am of course referring to post traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as P T S D.

The heartbreaking stories of veterans who simply find it difficult to integrate back into civilian life are all too common.  Suicide rates are high, divorce and family issues are a constant problem, and depression, substance abuse, and violence continue to plague our veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has recently undergone an upheaval and has come under sharp criticism by the public.  The future looks bright and the organization is promising drastic changes, but is a long slow turnaround and in many cases a bit too little too late. Why should they wait for the kind of services and treatments they have been told they could expect to receive?

American vtererans are our very own children siblings, spouses

Our men and women in uniform have done so much for this country. How can we let them suffer?  When a veterans goes out of their way to make a difference in the lives of their fellow servicemen and have paved the way for some outstanding programs offered to our returning soldiers  we take notice.  One such special person is Tomas Reyes-Cole,  a warrior who has made progress in the field of veteran affairs whether they served in World War two, Iraq or Afghanistan. Dancing on our disabilities is pleased to introduce you to Tomas:

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About Tomas Reyes-Coles

Tomas is the founder  and president of  Vets Place/Vet Place Electronics. He is an exceptional group facilitator, lecturer and instructor. He has outstanding ability to work with community and professional groups,Proven leadership, management and problem solving abilities.  During his career he has provided over 30 years intensive counseling and case management and proven effectiveness with diverse populations.  Contact: Tomas Reyes-Coles –vetplaceservicespbc@gmail.com