Sometimes we need the help of someone else


Often, I sit at my computer for long periods of time writing and writing. At times, I ask myself why? Who will read what I have taken so much time to compose?  Inevitably, those are the times of real self-doubt.  As a woman I’m even worse about making video’s.   I end up finding everything wrong with the way I look.  The same thing happens from time to time when I paint.  Especially when I am not accomplishing what I set out to do hours earlier.  Self-doubt  is a strange and unfriendly companion.  I work hard to follow my own advice to not  allow negative thoughts to creep into my thinking. They always arrive disguised as helpful buddies at first.  You know what I mean.  They whisper in your ear, maybe this was not a good idea, or perhaps you should scratch the entire project?  They are never helpful.  I’m not saying one should feel that there is no room for improvement in their endeavors, because that would only result in a lack of growth.  Instead one should be able to step back from their creation, honestly evaluate their work while omitting deep self-criticism.

I have improved through life and I am definitely not as hard on myself as I was when I was very young. To be totally honest, I will work on staying focused, self-confident, and positive about my work forever.  Creativity is part of life.  Look around your room right now. Can you find anything that was not created by someone else?  Humans are naturally creative by nature.  As I type on my key board I think about the very first writing tools and how the ability to leave a mark on  any kind of substance has evolved.  I can simply talk to my computer and it will type for me, spelling errors and all. Simply amazing.

I am always discovering new and improved ways to do things. I find myself wondering if the creators of all this great technology have self-doubt.  It is all so mind boggling.  We continue to grow and become better year after year.  Recently I was struggling to make another video when a very generous person I know named Patricia Weber suggested that I use a video creator on   I was amazed at his work and how quickly he delivered his product.  So I had him create four  video’s for me.  I will post them below.  Do you want to know who he is?  Just reach out to me and I will send you his contact information on Fiverr.  I can be reached on my contact page at