Stephanie Dalfonzo visits Never Say Impossible Radio


Some people are surprised when they hear that a woman is running a large Fortune 500 Company.  It’s shocking that even today in 2014, many people raise an eyebrow when women are successful in politics and business.  Even the media can’t resist discussing the outfits they wear or making comments on their physical appearance.  No one would dare to discuss what Bill Gates is wearing, so why do we do it to women?  The very same scenario happens when a woman begins to age.  Instead of being thought of as experienced and respected, the public and media begin to make judgments about their looks rather than their accomplishments.  It’s common to hear remarks like, “still looking fabulous at 60”, or  “she must have been a knock out when she was young”.  Comments about physical attributes are seldom directed towards men. All this pressure along with the mixed messages we receive from society and sometimes family when we are very young, can create conflict within women that stop us from being successful. Often our subconscious minds are our worst enemies especially if we allow negative self-talk to creep into our thinking.   But how do we control what we are not aware that we subconsciously believe?

Everyone knows we can use a skilled hypnotist to help us stop smoking or lose weight. We also know that a powerful coach can help jump start our path to success,  but I don’t normally connect real behavior changes regarding our careers with hypnosis.  Why not? I t is a powerful technique for helping entrepreneurs become amazingly successful when used along with a well planned intutive coaching program.

How can an intuitive coach help you?

A good coach can help you develop your own inner strength and power.

Eliminate self limiting belief’s.

Through hypnosis you can uncover deep suppressed fears that are holding you back

With training from an expert you can develop your own intuitive skills and use those skills to help you make wiser business decisions.

With implementing  goal setting  and accountability,  you can become amazingly successful.

Never Say Impossiblne Radio  is pleased to have Stephanie Dalfonzo joining us today.  Stephanie is a Master Intuitive Coach and Certified Hypnotist.  As a Master Intuitive Coach, Stephanie is uniquely placed to give expert guidance and support to women who are facing challenges or “walls” in the way of their success.

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Stephanie  demonstrated one of her techniques on me during her interview. Simply amazing. 



About Stephanie Dalfonzo

Stephanie Dalfonzo,  founder of Your Power Breakthrough, is a sought after Master Intuitive Coach and Certified Hypnotist. She uses hypnosis and other techniques to guide extraordinary women to reconnect, return to, and reclaim their full power. Stephanie’s clients are successful women who know they are meant for much greater success than that which they are currently experiencing. These women desire to break through their limiting beliefs and blocks, often around money and finances, and access the freedom to realize their most authentic, joyful and abundant life.

For more than 20 years, Stephanie has cultivated vast and uniquely integrated tools and techniques that she draws upon intuitively, to gently and skillfully lead her clients through unseen barriers and obstacles. Through the process of healing and release, she guides them to reconnect to their own power.

As a result, her clients easily grow their income beyond their limits and expectations, in record time. They are empowered to live the awesome, joy-filled life of their dreams, and share their brilliance in everything they touch and with everyone they love.