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  Do you believe in marriage?

It’s such a romantic concept.  A life long commitment to someone you love and trust. A friend, partner and lover who will always be there by your side, or will they?  One of the most hopeful and happy days in life is the day we plan to get married for the first time.  It doesn’t always end up the way we hoped it would.  One of the worst, anger filled days is when that first marriage ends in divorce court.   I am emphasizing the first time because so many people will marry and divorce several times during one lifetime.  The emotional stress and personal  economic loss created by divorce can be devastating. Statistics reveal  40-50% of all first time marriages end in divorce and 60% of second marriages also break up.  Yikes!  That is shocking.

I view all relationships, not just marriage, as I would a new business that has a high-risk of failure.  Just like a new company, marriage partnerships have to be managed to become profitable.  It’s a full time job and if left unattended relationships begin to fall apart just like a business that is operating in the red.  The partners end up in financial debt, unhappy, and disappointed.

There are so many theories about the reasons for the high number of divorces in the US.  I’m not a relationship expert, however some facts seem to be very obvious contributors to the high rate of failed relationships.

 Here are just a few:


  • Financial stress
  • Unrealistic views about happiness and commitment- (No one can gift happiness to another)
  • Unplanned pregnancy- No surprises please
  • Incompatibility regarding religion, child rearing, and extended family involvement
  • Health issues
  • Infidelity

I’ve been married to the same man for half a century.  So obviously I believe in marriage with all it’s up and downs and periods of growth, as well as disappointments.  So doesn’t working to make a marriage successful seem like a better alternative?  Today on Never Say Impossible Radio, Chuck Dettman visits us and has valuable advise on how to save your relationship.  Chuck has helped many couples through difficult times.

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About Chuck Dettman:

Chuck is the Executive Director and Founder of Today’s Promise, Inc. as well as an ordained minister with more than 12-years in couple and professional life-coaching experience.  Chuck is known as a premier marriage, relationship, budget and career coaching mentor throughout the nation—having been recognized by the NY Times, CBS Evening News, and the Harvard School of Business, among others.  Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance from Barry University, graduating Summa Cum Laude.  He was formerly employed by the U.S. Under Secretary of the Treasury in local banks as a loan officer, Junior Vice President, and Auditor which provided unprecedented exposure to the financial industry.