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Cliff and Claire McMurray

My life as a writer changed when I met Cliff and Claire McMurray. I had written two books prior, however found myself struggling to put a current project into order. After searching for the perfect developmental editor that fit my needs I discovered the professional team of Cliff and Claire mcMurray.  The perfect blend between of yin and yang/female and male points of view.  When I decided to hire them as developmental editors, I discovered what I didn’t know about writing was having a negative impact on my productivity. I was stuck and I needed help.

If your struggling to complete a book  that you want to publish quickly, this is one interview you don’t want to miss.  Today on Never Say Impossible Radio we are going to examine the fine art of writing successfully with Cliff and Claire McMurray, the founders of “Your words perfected.

With modern virtual technology readily available with the click of a mouse there is so much information about how you should approach writing on every level, whether it’s for a blog, a book, or any other piece of literary work, the process of learning the correct protocol can become overwhelming.  Is there really a right and a wrong way to use your artistic spirit and write?  Well, yes and no depending on what you are attempting to create.  Do you need a degree in creative writing to become an author?  It helps, but it does not guarantee you will be a best seller.  There are so many questions about writing and a variety of answers that end up leaving most new writers baffled.

I have always been told that practice makes perfect when approaching any endeavor.  So that is what I did.  I simply started writing, and writing, and writing anywhere and everywhere.  It was not long before I found myself lost, confused and in need of professional guidance.  What was I thinking? After all, a master chef does not become a master until he has created a multitude of edible dishes even under the guidance of an expert instructor.  Enter Cliff and Claire to direct and guide me through the process. What a relief! 

Click here to listen to this informative interview and learn all about Proofreading, Copyediting, and Ghost Writing with Clif and Claire McMurray: 

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About Your Words Perfected:

Your Words Perfected is dedicated to the creation of polished, professional written communications that will present your message to the world in the most effective way possible.  Cliff and Claire McMurray are a husband and wife copyediting and ghostwriting team with a combined total of more than 70 years of professional writing experience.  They have written for magazines, newspapers, books and websites, for nonprofit organizations, schools, small businesses and large corporations.  They’ve written everything from poetry to business letters and technical manuals.

Cliff McMurray is particularly sought-after as a speaker and writer on science/technology topics, as well as business subjects. With Thomas Mietzel, he is co-author of the recent Amazon ebook, The 14-Day Real Estate Investor, a guide to making your first real estate investment in as little as two weeks.

Claire is also a poet and songwriter. Some of her song lyrics have popped up in surprising places from Australia to Germany.

Contact information: 888-315-4342 or 405-863-6173   mailing address: 2715 Aspen Circle Norman, OK 73072  [email protected]

 Here are a few tips I learned along my journey to becoming an author:

 • Planning is essential. All creativity begins with an idea. However, the idea is just the beginning. You need a clearly outlined storyline, an unmistakably defined beginning, middle and end. Starting a book without a table of content is like starting a business without a business plan.

•  Learn the basic rules, but do not become obsessed to the point that you lose focus and passion by crossing every “T” and dotting every “I”. A great editor will do that for you.

• Take the time to know what your competitors are doing. Research and research some more. Define what your competitive edge is.

• Writing takes discipline and focus. Take writing seriously and avoid outside distractions. Make sure you your phone is set to voice mail, and forget about checking your email until you are finished.

• Writer’s block is a form of procrastination. Getting unstuck can be a challenge, but if you find yourself, delaying getting started remember the only way to end procrastination is by taking action. Any action is better than no action, even if it is simply writing an outline for your next chapter.

• Be sure to take your work to a professional or two for critique. Sometimes it can be difficult to be told you are way off base. Your mother or loving partners are not going to be objective about your work. A professional critique is vital; however, remember to stick to your guns if you truly believe in what you are doing is effective.

• A great story is a great story, no matter who tells the story. If time is your biggest problem, don’t rule out using a ghostwriter who is skilled and experienced.

 Best of luck to all the writers who are going to entertain us with their creative writing in the future! 


























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