Carol Hope

President & CEO

Friendship Games (for persons with psychiatric disabilities)



Author of “Keep it Simple Sweetheart”

Life is a challenging adventure.  When you or someone you love experiences health issues, whoever you are, wherever you are, and regardless of your financial state, everything else seems to fade into the background and appears to be of lesser importance.  Illness of any kind, whether it is physical or emotional, somehow puts all the other daily annoyances into perspective.  You may not be in love with your line of work, but when you are too sick to go to work, you would like nothing better than to go back to status quo and report to that same old job.

Most people recognize that a positive state of mind can affect their ability to heal and in general help to support a stronger immune system.  So that raises the question, is the ability to heal quickly and happiness linked in some way?  I am not an M.D., and there may not be any real scientific data to prove that a positive attitude can affect the way your body heals.   I doubt that there would be many doctors who would disagree with the premise that a good mental attitude can only be a plus in the recovery of a patient.  We have all heard the expression, “laughter is the best medicine”.  At the very least, it cannot hurt you.

It is difficult to go through a major life transition alone whether it be health related or created by some other external circumstances. There is hope and there is help. I recently met an amazing lady who has spent her entire life helping others in crisis.

Carol Hope visits with Never Say Impossible Radio to tell her amazing story of how she spreads compassion, love, support, and understanding throughout the world with consumers of mental health services and their family members.  She is the founder of the Friendship Games Foundation, The author of “Keep it Simple Sweatheart, host of KISS Radio Class on Blog Talk Radio, facilitator of a Health Seminar at Abundant Energy Health Food Store monthly, and professional speaker at “Village of Hope”.

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About Carol Hope:

Carol Hope started her professional career as a school teacher in rural Jamaica. She has continued teaching and coaching over the last 44 years. Her mission is to “Expand the light!” Her Vision:“ I am a citizen of the world and universally connected. I acknowledge the parenthood of God, so each person I meet is family. I am conscious of the abiding presence of good because each situation or challenge is my teacher.”

Carol speaks on the following subjects: Hope and Healing, Optimal health: A Very Personal Journey, Faith or fear: Pick One, Attitude, Vision, Passion: A Path to Conscious Living that Works, Spiritual Prosperity,Debt Elimination & Building Real Prosperity. Be sure to check for upcoming events on her events calender or call for information. Her Mission is: “Expand the Light” and she seeks to continue her own growth and development as she shares her insights with other. Beacuse of her challenge with breast cancer etc., Carol is focussed on a mission that supports seeking out pathways to optimal health, wealth and abundance and shares her findings through numerous speaking engagements around the country and around the world.

Contact Carol:  (786-) 337-5965-


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