Robyn L Reynolds


Author of “Let Them Know….That I Am Here


Spirit photography has been around for well over a 150years.    It became widespread during the mid-1800s and remains a topic of controversy throughout the years until today.  The name ” spirit photography “is a description of the practice of capturing ghostly or spiritual images in a photo usually alongside a living person. Whether you believe that it is possible or not remains totally subjective. People have spent a lifetime investigating the paranormal and supernatural. The topic is of one of  great interest to society in general. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone feels a  little uncomfortable when viewing data and photographs of visions or the unexplainable appearance of ghostly images in a photo.

If you are a believer, you have probably felt the essence of someone near you that you know has physically passed on.   A sensation so intense that it is difficult to ignore. May I take it take it one step further and ask if you have ever seen a spirit? This conversation always creates strong emotions in people. However, for me it is a fascinating subject.

Today on Never Say Impossible Radiowe have a woman who has written a book about this very interesting phenomenon.  Robyn L Reynolds  supports what she writes about with her own series of photographs in an amazing new book.  Robyn is  an author, spirit photographer, Reiki Master, publisher and founder of a spiritual online marketplace.

Robyn’s book, Let Them Know…That I am Here is a remarkable story of life after death demonstrated with her beautiful spirit photography from around the world. Robyn started her journey trying to connect to her partner, Connie’s son Kyle after he died in 2003.  She was looking for validation that his consciousness survived his physical death. She found a journey of discovery and connection to not only what they thought they had lost, but to some of the mystery and magic of life itself.

After overcoming the common hurdles of self-publishing her book, Robyn established The Traveling Soul Press to make it easier for new and established authors to publish their books promoting spiritual growth and transformation.

Traveling Soul Market, an online spiritual marketplace, was established as a platform to sell these stories as well as other wares and to become a community fostering spiritual exploration.

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