Sid Vaidya


Author of “Immigrant Steps to America”



Do you believe one can go from total poverty to riches?

 Everyone’s one loves a Rag to Riches story, but what does it really mean? The concept is simple and essentially it means a person who began their lives in extreme poverty can end up comfortable and wealthy, often through hard work or exceptional talent. It’s a common theme in fairytales, but is it real life? Here in America it has been a common a dream for centuries made possible by our capitalist society. The opportunity for success and riches is alive and well.

Courage and a dream is what motivated one nineteen-year-old young man to leave his home and family, and cross seven oceans to come to America. He knew he would have to fight to continue his education, so he could enjoy prosperity in the future, but he was unprepared for the challenges he was going to face. Adversity did not stop him. He was ready to fight for what he wanted. That was the beginning of a journey that would take extreme perseverance, determination, and assimilation. We all believe that success graces those of us who Never Give Up.

This story is the perfect example of how one’s convictions and belief’s can play a powerful role in the realization of goals and dreams. Sid Vaidya’s visits Never Say Impossible Radio to share his own story of how he rose to greatness here in the US and how he overcame cultural differences and an array of obstacles. His story is an inspiring story of rags to riches. Sid has written a book which will help to inspire others to work towards being the very best they can be  and to accept nothing less.


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About Sid Vaidya:

Sid Vaidya has been an international business leader with Electronic Data Systems Corporation1 where he had global executive responsibilities for information technology in support of General Motors Global Sales, Service and Marketing systems.  He also led account teams servicing many key GM functional areas including Materials, Logistics, Service parts operations, Industrial relations, Motors insurance, Legal; Real estate and Information Processing Centers. Mr.Vaidya reached this position by an inspirational personal journey. He came from an underprivileged background in India, arriving in the United States at the age of 19 for a higher education and better life. He spoke no English, but learned rapidly. With personal fortitude and an optimistic spirit, he worked his way through a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing. He also learned how to adapt to local ways and customs to be culturally aligned with and succeed in American business.

Mr.Vaidya is now sharing his knowledge with a special emphasis on helping those who seek to succeed in corporate business in the United States. He gives pragmatic advice on adapting to corporate business culture, dealing with companies as clients and partners and developing executive relationships in a multicultural environment.