Redefining your path-Free Workshop


 How many times have you hit a brick wall, faced a mountain that appeared ominous and way too high to climb?  Perhaps you have even fallen on your journey to success and experienced painful disappointment or loss.  What did you do?  Hopefully, you got up and started all over again.  However, sometimes roadblocks get in our way and cloud our thinking making it difficult to focus, reignite our passion, regroup and redefine our path.  There are so many obstacles in life originating from every direction, such as health, financial losses, and relationship issues that result in a loss of motivation. The necessity to alter our plan is obvious, but embracing change is never easy.  You are not alone.  We all go through many transitions in our lives.  Sharing our experiences, our methods of success, as well as our coping skills with one another as we move towards new horizons is an up lifting experience.  It is so much easier together.

 Amanda Pelaez and I have united and created an exciting, uplifting workshop “Redefining Your Path”.  This four-hour workshop  is designed to assist the attendees to discover their personal path to fulfillment.

You will meet amazing people with inspiring stories and information to help jump-start your transition. We all have visible and invisible challenges  to overcome. We welcome attendee’s to  network and share in the “Anything is Possible Concept”,  and at the same time discover a renewed awareness of just how creative and talented they are.




When: February 28th 2014
Where :Small Business Development Center
Palm Beach State College

3000 St Lucie Ave,
Room HT103

Boca Raton, Fl 33431



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Guest Speakers

     Roxanne Birney
The Survivor’s Spirit Defines Your Path
John SpannuthOrganize Your Way To Success
Kersen De Jong The Bumpy Walk To Success

The Ladies & More DifferentlyAbled_PNG_300DPI
Present A New, Exciting And  Free Workshop

Redefining Your Path

  Hosted By
Palm Beach State College
The Center for Business & Entrepreneurship

What you will discover 
  • Strategies for coping with life’s adversities /visible and invisible disabilities 
  • Learn how to exercise your passion every day
  • Unlock the procrastination mode
  • Create action in your life and a spirit of reinvention
  • Develop a renewed sense of happiness
  • Breakdown negative habit forming thinking
  • Gain organizational skills/improve your ability to focus
  • Eliminate time wasting distractions
  • Practice simple techniques to discover what you really want in life
  • How to tap into your own creativity

Introducing The Ladies