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How do you react when you are presented with a task you perceive as unpleasant, challenging, or daunting?  Do you immediately switch into high gear and impulsively begin to work on the assignment?  If so, you are on the right track.  On the other hand,do you delay addressing the assignment altogether by pushing it aside until the very last moment?  Everyone deals with work assignments, goal setting, and commitments in different ways and have a unique set of coping skills.  Scientific research supports the fact that procrastination, when left to fester becomes an extremely difficult issue to overcome.  Some studies indicate that almost 50% of the population procrastinates to one degree or another at some point in their life when they are faced with a work assignment they are uncomfortable with.

Procrastination often results in extreme stress, and an increased sense of insecurity and worthlessness, a feeling of guilt and impending doom as well as an increased lack of productivity.  All these negative feelings only exacerbate the entire issue and we end up feeling stuck unable to do the smallest of tasks.

What part does perfectionism play in the development of procrastination?  Personally speaking I will admit to being a type A personality with a high propensity towards the perfectionism syndrome.  It is not easy to admit, but I have to fight the tendency to be my own worst critic, burdened with a sense of self-consciousness which creates a great deal of anxiety and fear.  I am guilty as charged.  The bottom line is that it is an issue I work at all the time.  The good news is that it does become a great deal easier when you win the battle over procrastination which alleviates stress and anxiety and frees you to move forward in your life.  The reflection in the mirror becomes a lot friendlier when you can honestly say while looking at yourself, “Job well done”.

Let us talk about the positive aspects of overcoming procrastination.  I am referring to the ability to begin a task, follow it through with conviction and motivation until completion.  Without a doubt your stress level will decrease drastically, as will any sense of depression or anxiety. One of the biggest wins is that your self-esteem will respond positively by completing the “dreaded assignment”.  Another one of the biggest wins will be a renewed sense of happiness.

How do we know if we are indulging excessively in procrastination?   Be aware that this type of behavior will rob you of your well-being, possibly even your good health, and undoubtedly your ability to live a happy successful life?

Here are a few warning signs;

  • Allowing distraction and bright shiny objects to interfere with your focus
  • Pretending the task is unimportant and there is no need for urgency
  • Avoiding situations or places that remind you of the task you would rather not undertake
  • Denying the importance of the task and pretending that other things have greater priority
  • Feelings of extreme laziness and exhaustion allows one to put off anything related to the desired task

I have struggled with every one of those red flags and I know how to stop them at the first sign they are occurring.  I decided to write about this very issue in my newest e-book, Focused,Unstuck, and Back in Action.   The e-book can be found on   I love sharing the secrets of how to jumpstart your engine when life grinds you to a halt.  For a short time it is specially priced.   Start changing your procrastination behavior today. Focused, Unstuck, and Back in Action is available on Audible Books also.

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