In 2014, can you imagine what our society would be like without digital communication and the sharing of information?  Science and technology has changed our ability to access almost anything right from our personal computers and smart devices.  The digital age has made it possible for us to share knowledge, skills, techniques, and generally expand the education of anyone willing to access the Internet.  Not only is there a vast database of blogs and articles written by talented people who want to share what they have learned, video is just as easily accessed, as is online radio and television.  The information highway is a Wonderland.  The opportunity to meet amazing people with interesting stories that can enhance your world has never been easier.

I recently met a man through a social networking site who had such an interesting history and story I wanted to share it with our listeners at Never Say Impossible Radio.  Ron Standerfer  is a world traveller,  a passionate veteran with a long history in the military. He has an intense desire to share what he has learned with the public. He is also a prolific author and has created a publication called the Pelican Communications Group.

Bio, Ron Standerfer

 Ron Standerfer is a novelist, freelance writer, book reviewer, and  photographer whose articles have appeared in numerous news publications including online editions of the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and the Honolulu Star Advertiser. He is a member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance (ITWPA) and American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI). He is a retired Air Force fighter pilot who flew 237 combat tours in the Vietnam War. His first novel, The Eagles Last Flight chronicles the life of an Air Force fighter pilot during The Cold War and Vietnam years. He also publishes an online magazine, The Pelican Journal, .  His latest endeavor, The Pelican Communications Group, an organization that will provide affordable editing and publishing services for up and coming writers, is scheduled to begin service in the near future.

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