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               Find out what Asia,Buddhism, yoga,and Green Tea have to do with maximizing LinkedIn

Although he was born an American, today on Never say Impossible Radio, we share a story told by a man who had a burning desire and passion to study and be part of the Asian culture.  There are many theories as to why some individuals are drawn to exotic places and then fall in love with the region and stay for extended periods of time. When you discover a passion and a driving force in your world as our guest, Kirk Rhodes did, the need to know and fulfill the thirst for knowledge became his focus. His journey exposed him to many new experiences. He is going to share his story with us today. He takes us along with him as he explains how the Far East changed his life, taught him about Zen, Buddhism, Martial arts, meditation, yoga, and Green Tea. He is also a person who enjoys sharing. Kirk is going to tell us how to build your LinkedIn connections to 34k+.  Wait until you find out how it improves your SEO.

About Kirk:

Kirk Rhodes was born in Columbus, Kansas. At age 14, after the break-up of his parents he became interested in the Buddhist practice after researching a book on Buddhism in the local library. This new study sparked a fire in his spirit. After high school, he worked as a welder, but felt unfulfilled. He returned to the University of Kansas to complete his studies. Kirk wanted to travel and pursued work in the Peace Corps. He volunteered in Guatemala for two years.

However, Kirk was fascinated by the oriental culture.  After returning to the US,  he began to study Zen and practiced at the San Francisco Zen Center. Kirk’s desire to learn more took him to Japan in 1985, where he worked as an English teacher and subcontractor. While on a business trip to Seoul, Korea, he fell in love with his future wife who was born in the Philippines. They raised two children in Japan. His family returned to the US in 1997 and started a family business with his twin brother called Together they operate the Japanese green tea product business. Kirk age 53, not only remains active in the family’s green tea business,  but also had trained to become a registered Respiratory Therapist. Kirk has extensive knowledge on a variety of topics, including, cross-legged seated meditation, yoga, cardio- vascular, weight training,  social-environmental-human rights activism, LinkedIn, as well as other Social Media development. He has become highly active on LinkedIn and has some important tips to share with us.

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