Founder of Norkobes Beauty Inc.


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We all want to feel good about ourselves.  Feeling good includes the way we feel on the inside and the way we feel about how we appear on the outside.  Everyone wants to look his or her best. Let’s face it, we get more done at work, interact better with others, and in general feel happier when we are comfortable with our appearance. The beauty industry has been flourishing for decades and now there are so many technological advancements available, finding the right products, the right stylist, and a personalized routine is not always easy.

I have good news today.  There is a new star in the business that is passionate about bringing the best quality natural products to the market and making them available through the Internet and in her salon as well.  She is an impressive entrepreneur with an unstoppable passion for servicing her clients both locally and nationally.

About Sophia Thompson:

Sophia Thompson owner and operator of Norkobes Beauty Inc. was born and raised in Jamaica where she developed a passion for the beauty business.  Sophia worked in Sales/Marketing for seven years before she realized that her heart was not in it.  She went back to school to retrain and follow her passion. Sophia opened her first beauty salon in 1998 In Jamaica.

As the business grew she realized she wanted more from the industry and in 2009 she published the first Jamaican Hair Magazine called “Norkobe’s Hair” named after her two sons Nordan and Kobe. Sophia migrated to the United States in 2010 because her husband’s career was based in Florida (one year after publishing the magazine). She new she had to start over again.

Two months after landing in Florida she was in Beauty School working on becoming a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Florida.

Equipped with the required US license, Sophia opened Norkobe’s Beauty Inc.   She struggled to fund her business and discovered she faced obstacles because of the short time she was in the US.  Sophia was passionate that she felt nothing was going to stop her. To help support her new business she took a part time job as a cosmetology teacher at the American Institute School of beauty and wellness where she had attended school.

With fifteen years of experience under her belt, the love of making people look and feel good about themselves and the resources that America has to offer Sophia developed her own Natural Skincare/Makeup line of products.

According to Sophia “My passion for the beauty industry keeps growing because I’m always learning something new.

Sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years is my mission and I will always be here making people feel good about themselves and looking better with each makeover I give”.


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Norkobe’s Beauty Inc. is now an established Hair and Makeup Salon located at 11478 West Sample Road in Coral Springs.  The salon carries it’s own Skincare/Makeup line “It’s Your Face Cosmetics”, as well as the Exotic Island natural hair care and body products.