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One special man making a difference in the lives of others

Have you ever been hungry?  I am not speaking about a skipped meal or a dietary restriction type of hunger.

I’m speaking about hunger and poverty so devastating that you did not know if you would see another dawn or if your children would grow up to be healthy adults. Hunger does not discriminate and it is non denominational.  It does not distinguish you by racial divides, nor does it care how and where you live. It crosses all boundaries and attacks its victims without mercy.

Anyone who has experienced it understands. As a child in New York City, I experienced poverty and hunger.  Often we stand on the sidelines, feeling helpless, or perhaps even removed. We care but we don’t know what to do.

Hunger is a danger that threatens each and every one of us because we cannot sustain life without nourishment.  So what are we willing to do about this life threatening condition that no one is safe from?  Hunger is a worldwide issue.  It is about life, as we know it.  We need to expand our thinking to beyond our immediate environment.  We must think about the human species. Prosperity should be possible for each and every one of us.

NSI Radio has another  great guest today who is going over and above the normal to help people who are suffering and make a difference in the lives of others.

We can never forget that hunger is a global problem.  While those of us with more than enough to eat , feel empathetic to the issue., we feel helpless to truly make a difference.  We shutter  secretly when we think that starvation may conceivably touch our own lives, but we seldom do more than donate a few cans of food during a food drive. Why?  Personally I believe we all want to help to end hunger, but we just don’t know what to do that will impact the problem and remove the threat of a world-wide famine at some point in time.  We know there is power in numbers, as well as collective support from like mined people. If we work together, change will happen.

Dr. Bob Burbella, AKA Dr.. Bob, administers a 501(c)(3) charity called “Hope Ministry Ukraine.” For more than a decade this ministry has been feeding 40 families in the Ukraine. Life in the Ukraine is extremely difficult for many families and there is a long history of suffering. Dr. Bob is one man who wants to make a difference.  However he can’t do it alone.  Dr. Bob”  started the Hope Ukraine Ministry more than a decade ago with the help of his late wife.  He is 82 years young and would like to see this important work continue beyond his lifetime. The charity feeds the hungry, supports orphanages and drug rehab centers.

The charity now has a Dwolla account and Hub page for bank-to-bank transactions (no credit card required), and a Merchantcircle account (complete with newsletters), among other social media marketing tools.

To Listen to Dr. Bob Burbella click here: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

The Ukraine has long history of hunger and suffering


The Hope Ministry Ukraine. and Dr Bob needs your help.  To Donate or become involved visit; HopeMinistryUkraine.org

Hope Ministry Ukraine
Contact person:  Dr. Bob Burbella
Phone: 954-984-1691
Email: [email protected]