Finding Your Voice -A great new book 


Joel Boggess

Life can be so mysterious and challenging for most of us.  By the time, we reach our teenage years, the normal every day stress of living catches up with the majority of us.  We have pressures from our families, friends, school, and worst of all from ourselves.  With the exception of a few, most of us find ourselves asking what do we really want to achieve and what is going to really make us feel happy?  We are told what   society expects of us from every possible source.  If we fall short we end up feeling as though we are failing. When you think about it,  that is a heavy load to carry at any early age. We all face the necessity of finding our own voice.  We stifle our own thoughts and wishes and go along with the crowd.  We make certain relationship choices based on what is expected of us.  We end up in jobs we do not like with a strong sense of hopelessness,  and lacking the vision to redirect our path and pursue what turns us on, fills us with passion, motivates us to gain the courage to make life changes.

Do you have a plan how to take your career where you want it to go?

Do you feel frustrated in other areas of your life and relationships?

Are you fearful of making mistakes?

Are you stressed and feeling vulnerable?

Sometimes all we need is a little guidance from a trained and insightful coach.  You can change your life.  Today we are pleased to have Joel Boggess visiting Never Say Impossible Radio again for another session of what it means to Find Your Voice. Listen to Joel’s latest addition to “Finding Your Voice”on NSI Radio Here:

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Joel Boggess is a great keynote speaker, an author, a life coach and a talk show host. He is a compassionate caring professional with the heart of a teacher and the patience of a friend.  Joel has found his voice and the joy that accompanies that discovery.  His mission in life is to help others find their voice.