Dagmar Gatell

International SEO Expert 

How many of you have had the experience of having a website built for you by a “friend” who did you a favor and saved you money by not having to go to a professional web developer?  I will admit I am guilty.  While the first attempt at my website was a dismal failure, it looked somewhat crude and amateurish.  That was about five years ago.  I then moved on to a semiprofessional web designer [self schooled] who also worked on my site.  I did not pay very much for my new site and, oh boy, it looked like a bargain basement website.  Awful!  Did I learn my lesson?  Two years later I found someone new who promised not to break by piggybank.  They asked me a lot of questions about text and keywords and things that I did not quite understand.  They suggested that I check out another websites to model my website after.  That did not work either because I did not know that a website should be  a whole lot more than simply pretty. I resisted the advice I was given to blog frequently.  What a mistake that was. To make a long story short I ended up using five different web designers and spending way too much money than if I had started off with a professional from the beginning.  I would have understood that keywords, SEO, and what is (in it for the visitor) is the most important aspect of a successfully functioning website.

The good news in this fiasco, is that knowledge of what your website needs to be and how it needs to function is finally available to the new kid on the block.  My guest today has made it so simple to understand that I almost find it embarrassing admitting to all my previous mistakes.  Well there is no use crying over spilt milk or feeling badly about the past or should have, could have, would have scenarios.  I am just grateful there are people like Dagmar Gatell willing to help educate others just like me.

Yes, there are so many of us who need guidance and a mentor.

The bottom line is time and money, so why waste it ? How much is your time worth to you?  If you are a marketer of products, whether they are your own  or not, and you are using the Internet as your main networking tool, you need to understand SEO, which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  Google is the largest and most powerful search engine in the world. Think of it as a gigantic robot that is constantly combing the web for information.  One might ask, “What kind of information is Google looking for”?  Google looks for material that pertains to popular searches by average people all over the world.  As an example, if you searched for information regarding soccer, one of the most popular sports in the world, you would find that there are 980 million search results reported on Google every 0.42 seconds.  Get the picture?  Before you go rushing off to fill the text on your blog posts and website with popular search topics understand the do’s and don’ts.  My advice, find a great teacher and learn the right way as soon as possible.

Tips you need to know about SEO:

  •  A website owner must be willing to help with site changes, writing content, leveraging business development
  • Back links are very important-besure the back links are from successful websites or blogs that will help build your traffic
  • Learn  keyword research, mapping, site optimization, and content creation-it’s your baby
  • SEO is a Long term activity and it often needs updating- you must be willing to make changes over time
  • You need to blog regularly and your content must be interesting-  if you hate writing, try video bloging and photo’s to add excitement
  • Never stop building your SEO – the minute you do, your numbers will begin to drop

 Never Say Impossible Radio is excited to spend time with Dagmar Gatell, who is on a mission to empower small business owners, entrepreneurs, and women with the tools they need to take control of their websites and to be  effective through the use of SEO and keywords.  Dagmar understands what you need to do to reach your audience, to brand yourself, and to take control of your own virtual appearance. She has the knowledge you need to create magic and help you become your own SEO expert.

About Dagmar Gatell:

  Dagmar Gatell is an SEO aka search engine optimization strategist, speaker, and trainer. She is also lovingly referred to as the “Web Optimizing Angel” for her passion of guiding women entrepreneurs to become visible and findable online. Fueled by a balance of left-brain strategy and deep intuitive awareness, Dagmar helps women entrepreneurs to build an online portal that will attract the right online visitors who are ready to convert and already spending money with competitors. Dagmar works with her students and clients to define the right formula for using search engine optimization in a way that compliments their learning style, personality and business goals.  Dagmar has been in the internet marketing industry since 2008. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the search engine optimization field has come over the last 6 years as she worked for an international company as their online marketing manager, overseeing their marketing team. After her extensive learning experience she started her own SEO training and coaching company in June 2012. Her biggest personal inspiration is her mom Maria who never gave up living a positive and fulfilled life no matter how much her chronic illness controlled her body. Her mind and spirit. remained optimistic. Dagmar’s life mission is to empower women to make their burning message visible and findable for the world so they can share their special gifts freely with others and fulfill their destiny.



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