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 Tweedle Pet Products

Three out of every five Americans owns a pet.  In most cases, domesticated animals have become part of our families and are treated as good as, if not better than some friends and family.  Despite the fact that owning a fuzzy four-legged friend can be demanding and costly, we just can’t imagine life without a pet.  Good veterinarians are in high demand and when they are needed to nurse your beloved pet back to good health, there is no limit to what we are willing to spend. Personally, I’m a cat lover and have owned many during my lifetime.  I’ve known the pain of trying to comfort an animal that was suffering. Prevention is the most effective way to prolong your pet’s life.

A safe diet for both humans and pets is the first place to start.

You know that old cliché “you are what you eat”?  Well it isn’t any different for your pets.  A healthy diet, exercise, and controlled stress levels, whether you are human or animal, create great health. Why not start protecting your pet’s health right from day one when you bring that little bundle of fuzz home with you?

Science offers us quality information regarding foods that are over processed, pumped with hormones, sugars, saturated fats and salts for humans. It stands to reason that the very same standards should apply to our four legged family members. What you don’t know about the food you are feeding your animal can shorten their lives.

Did you know that animals sometimes develop allergies just like their owners?  The very food we feed our “ furry friends” to keep them strong can be at the root of all kinds of chronic allergies such as runny noses and intestinal disorders.

Okay, how does one find natural healthy food to feed you pet?  Today you are going to find out.

  • What is the most common source of food allergies found in pet food?
  • Where can you find safe Treats?
  • Today you are going to find out!

Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to introduce Dr. Stacey J Nelson:

Dr. Nelson has been in private practice in Boca Raton providing Individual, Couples, Familiy, and Group Psychotherapy integrating Psycho-educational techniques, Brief Cognitive Solution Focused Psychotherapy, Consulting, and pragmatic Judeo/Christian principles.

Dr Nelson’s professional background and education is extensive in the Performing and Fine Arts, and has been Adjunct Faculty at numerous universities and community colleges in Florida, California, and Hawaii.. 
Dr Stacey facilitates seminars and workshops related to effective communication, voice assessment and evaluation, public speaking, overcoming procrastination, stage fright and performance anxiety

However, One of Dr. Stacey Nelson’s proudest accomplishments is her newest endeavor as the Founder and President of Tweedle Pet Products, Inc.

Dr Stacey J Nelson was voted and honored as Entrepreneur of the year 2011 in South Florida by SCORE for her development of Tweedle Pet Products Inc, a natural and organic gluten free gourmet pet treats and training rewards company. Recently, due to popular demand, she developed a gluten free gourmet natural and organic baked goods division for “People” – “Stacey’s Best” and Tweedle’s Gluten Free Food Products.

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