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Being a small businessperson or an entrepreneur can be very exciting.  However, it can be frustrating, disappointing, and overwhelming.  In today’s complex world of limited financing opportunities for the small business owner, women are struggling to develop the skills and the courage they need to enter the market prepared and confident.  For years women were held back within certain industries which were male dominated,  and advancement and promotion was next to impossible.  This is no longer true.  Today, women are stronger and more successful in business than ever before.

There have always been rumors that women who have managed to make it to the top were ruthless and overly aggressive human beings with a competitive edge, particularly when it came to other women in their field.  To the contrary nothing could be farther from the truth.  There is a remarkable movement going on in all phases of women’s personal development.  Women are helping other women succeed in record numbers.  There is tremendous power to be gained by collaborating with others who can assist you  in achieving your goals.

Today, Never Say Impossible Radio is pleased to introduce you to a woman, Mernela Anez Salvati who has developed a business that primarily focuses on empowering women (especially Hispanic women from other Latin countries who lag behind the US in regards to equality for women).  Her mission is to help her peers become successful in business, and as entrepreneurs, by equipping them with the knowledge and tools that they need to become independent.

We are pleased to present a  conversation about women leaders of the 21st century with Mernela Anez Salvati, originally from Venezuela. who has earned a Masters Degree in Business Management. She holds several certifications in business and executive coaching and has been an Executive Trainer in leadership fields for many years.   Mernela is the author  of a soon to be published book “Decide now ! and take control of your destiny” .

 Mernela Anez Salvati trained  as a  coach  under the  Dr. John Gray’s team (author of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus ) and has become an expert in gender intelligence specially for the hispanic community.   She was the only latina in the worldwide elite team of coaches in the US.   As an expert in “Gender Intelligence” and  coaching she aided many women in developing their leadership skills.    She realized how women struggled to balance their professional lives with their personal projects and all the difficulties facing  woman in today’s society.   That’s why she decided to found a non profit organization to help Women become leaders and take control of their own lives, improve their time management , achieve their goals with a S.M.A.R.T. plan without feeling guilty.    She gives women the tools to be in leadership positions so that they can become successful in balancing life and work .
The foundsation name is “Mujeres Lideres del Sexo XXI” which means ” Leader Women of SEXtury XXI ” . To find out more information about the upcoming September 14th event

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