My friend Mary Caterina Castro has a great offer for you.  I am sharing this post with my friends because I believe it is of real value and can help many people. Mary Caterina Castro is a caring and loving professional who is  offering a FREE coaching call just for you.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.


Mary Caterina Castro


How To Improve Your Self-Esteem And Live a “BLISSFUL” life!                                                                                               


   Mary Catherine “Caterina” Casto  

Professional Speaker, Counselor, National “Bliss” Coach

Author of 8 Weeks To “BLISS”

FREE Call on Tues. AUGUST 27th or September 10th from 7-8 pm (Central)

                                                          Learn steps to:                                                                

  1. Feel Good in your own skin…PROVEN Self-Esteem Exercise
  2. Manage your time and life more effectively…Specific Technique
  3. Set and meet goals…Specialized Plan


“My session addressed every issue emotionally and otherwise and was extremely effective. It made all the difference! The information continues to benefit my life.”         Natalie Dunne’

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First Caller Receives a FREE gift, a $30 value!

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You Can Lose 20 Pounds By Thanksgiving!

The secret of how I, Mary Catherine Casto…

 Lost 75 pounds! 


 Mary Catherine “Caterina” Casto    

  Professional Speaker, Counselor, Addictions Specialist, National “BLISS” Coach

Author of 8 Weeks To “BLISS”

FREE Call on Sat. August 24th or September 7th from 10-11am Central

Metaphysical tools to:

 Lose 20 pounds by Thanksgiving and keep it off!

Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Become more: positive, happy, balanced and focused?
  • Look in the mirror and see yourself 20 pounds less?
  • Wear those skinny jeans and have everyone say, “You look great!?!”

“She helps find the root of the situation. I no longer live to eat. I eat to live. This way is the best for me. I’ve given away 46 pounds and kept it off. I will continue on this path to success.”                                                                                                           Marian Patricia Kloter

Call To Register For FREE CALL And Receive Number and Code!

First caller receives a FREE gift, a $30 value.

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