Can you sell yourself and what you do in one sentence?

 Before you read this blog remember that a copywriter is a well-trained professional writer who crafts words together that sell, promote, educate and inform.

Meet Sheila Krichman

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Sheila knows that doing it yourself does not always work

Do you struggle for hours and possibly days when crafting text about yourself only to end up with an ineffective homepage, about page, or even worse, marketing campaign? There are many reasons why you may be feeling challenged when faced by the task of describing yourself and what you do on paper. It is really important to make a great first impression when you are not marketing yourself to friends and family who already love you. Insecurity can creep in when you know the stakes are  high and one click of the mouse can send your hard work to the trash and banished forever.

Nobody wants to appear to be a shameless self- promoter. However, how else are you going to inform the public about your value? I have found myself in the uncomfortable position of attempting to describe who I am and what I have to offer the public in many different scenarios. It is definitely not easy. I can equate it to the effort it takes to craft a great elevator speech that leaves people wanting to know more about you, and how you can be of value to them. Yes, it’s about what people believe you can do for them.

Simplicity is the key

 How simple can you make your text without leaving out important information?  The temptation to be elaborate and add in wordy text is always present.  Personally, I would prefer to write about a good friend or relative then to peel back the onion and write about myself.

 Here is a valuable tip.

  I hope it will benefit you.   I start out by writing from my heart about what I believe my true value is.  That inevitably ends up as way too much information.  I wait at least one day or longer to review what I have written.  This is a very effective way to evaluate your own writing.  I also recommend reading it out loud or having someone else read it back to you out loud.  It can be a shocking experience.  I always end up cutting the text in half and eliminating a great deal of what I have written.  I add in as many effective keywords and long tailed keyword phrases as possible.  I then go back after another 24 hours or so and evaluate it again.  I guarantee that if you follow this method you will simplify what you have written.  You are not finished yet.

 The final step – Now turn the text over to a professional copywriter.

 Sheila Krichman, professional copywriter for  over 26 years visited with Never Say Impossible Radio to help you understand that a great copywriter can make all the difference in whether or not your web visitors stick around to find out more about you. She specializes in writing high-impact web copy for business owners who want to increase their web conversion rate and create more sales on a daily basis.

Click on the link to listen to this valuable information that can help you shine: Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

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