As a small-business owner with a Word Press website,  it took my breath away when I was told “your site has been hacked”and created an atmosphere of fear in my heart.  I am sure I am not alone in my seemingly hysterical reaction. My mind was racing and I kept wondering how it happened?  I had been careful to change my password frequently. I also felt  complete loss of control. When the topics of Malware, Trojan viruses, and Tracking Cookies are discussed, my lack of knowledge made me feel vulnerable.   I can equate my reaction to the type of reaction one might have when being mugged, robbed, cheated, or scammed.  Having your website hacked is a complete violation of your rights.

Until recently, I only feared those words when confronted with the possibility that it could actually happen. Like most things of an unpleasant nature, we think it won’t happen to us. However, I simply could not ignore the odd way my site was performing.  When I was working in the back end of my Word Press website, I had the distinct feeling that I was not alone.  Especially when I was posting to my blog. What I subsequently discovered was that my site was being hijacked and alien content was being inserted into my posts, operating under the radar, and invisible to my eyes. I discovered it  when other people told me they received corrupted blogs supposedly written by me.
Let me explain it this way,
It’s like a scary movie and the hero awakens in the middle of the night, sensing there  is a stranger  in the house.  Under normal circumstances, they would  start checking out every crack and crevice of the house in anticipation of finding  and ousting an illegal intruder. Unfortunately, even hero’s may not be equipped with a great deal of knowledge of how their Word Press website works, and where possible hiding places may be.  The likelihood of getting rid of the criminal invasion of your website by yourself is next to impossible for the average Word Press user.
 You have been hacked, so now what?
It’s not as simple as calling 911.  Technology is moving so quickly that even your favorite web designer or web master may not be able to help you when it comes to serious break-inns on your website.  Then there is also the problem of finding the right technician to help clean up your site. Think of it in this manner, you discover you have a leak in your roof, and you call in three or four experts in roof repair. The estimates range anywhere from $5000 to as low as a few hundred dollars, and each roofing expert tells you that the leak is originating from a different area in your roof.
An easy fix.
I will tell you what I suggest you do since I have just experienced being ” hacked “.  You call everyone you know and trust to get a reputable referral.  This may take one phone call, or as many as 50 plus.  Truthfully, I called everyone I knew and researched strangers who advertised on the internet and claimed all kinds of quick and easy clean up solutions..  Finally, when I was at my wits end,  an Internet SEO expert, Gagmar Gatell,referred me to a woman by the name of  Kimberly Shivler.  I hit pay dirt. I am happy to share her information with you. Remember, Word Press is a wonderful simple inexpensive way to create a website, however it is also a program that is easy to infiltrate when it lacks a proper security system. Most of us would not leave the house without locking our doors, so I can’t emphasize it enough, protect your site before anything happens.
 Kimberly is a phone call away. !561 573 3852.

Kimberly Shivler, M.Ed. has worked as a writer, instructor, developer and serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. Her business experience includes computer network and database administration, technical training and writing, project management, web development, and work as an aesthetician and spa owner. She also worked for large corporations including Tivoli, an IBM company, where she was part of the worldwide technical sales and marketing team.

Like her career, her writing has spanned a variety of fields including software documentation and instruction, manuals for aesthetic and medical devices, and general health articles. She has contributed to magazine and other online publications.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Education degree in secondary English education from the University of Florida.

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