Mazarine Treyz is exceptionally knowledgable in several areas, not only does she understand the world of non-profits, grant writing, events and sponsorship, appeal letters etc. She is a master marketer both on using social media and email campaign’s. Her expertise does not stop there, she knows the secrets of the publishing business, so your book does not just collect dust in a storage unit somewhere.

For  anyone who does not know or understand what a non- profit organization is all about,and to be as direct as possible, it is about raising funds.  Good old-fashioned greenbacks, to support a worthy cause or charity.  That sounds simple.  It is   rather complex, and if you do not understand the ins and outs you will be climbing a slippery slope.  For one thing, if you are not explicit in your mission, your lack of clarity will work against you.  Actually, it entails a great deal of preliminary work and education.  If you understand the basics and know what to do and what not to do your chance of success will be double fold.  Taking the time to learn about it first can save you from failure.  Mazarine is just the person who can enlighten you and save you time and energy.  She is known as the “Wild Woman” and she will shed some light on the entire process that is required to be a successful nonprofit or to be a successful fundraiser working for a nonprofit organizations.

As a prolific author, she will also shed some light on the crazy changing world of publishing. Everyone wants to know how to get noticed in this  technical social media driven world of today.  One great method is to write a book or publish a successful blog. However, that is where most people hit a brick wall.  With millions of books and blogs on the market, how does one get people to want to buy your book or read your blog?  That is a trade secret that Mazarine will also share with you for free when you listen to her interview on the Never Say Impossible show.Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link

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