Glenn Miller

A master of Hypnosis 

Glenn Miller is a master at hypnosis and has a thriving practice where he treats clients with many issues from addiction to weight loss. The astonishing thing about Glenn,  is that he is also a unique performer on stage. He has an uncanny natural sense of humor which he has ingeniously intertwined with his ability to mystify the audience through the art of hypnosis.

Hypnosis  is an intriguing state of mind.    We have all seen it performed on the stage as a form of entertainment, but we have also questioned if we could believe what we were seeing.   It becomes bazaar when we see people acting silly and doing things that seem out of character  while they were hypnotized.

What we know and understand about hypnosis has changed through the centuries.  For the longest time people believed it was some kind of magic or cultism. Many people feared it, and thought of it as evil.  Today it is used widely in the medical field to help people heal both spiritually and physically. It is actually an amazing tool and regarded as a series of trance states that we go into and out of all the time.  In a perfect world, whenever we had an emotional issue, we would all run to a therapist and get hypnotized and miraculously everything would go away.  While it is highly effective, it does take willingness on the part of the client.  I would like to emphasis the word “willingness.” Without their consent and participation, self-hypnosis would be unsuccessful.  In other words, it’s up to you.

Not only will you learn what hypnosis is during this revealing interview, but you will share Glenn Millers  personal  struggles with addiction in his own life.  It is a story of victory and triumph that will inspire you. Today Glenn manages his practice, performs on stage throughout the world and has a new radio show called Hypnosis Zone  on WBTZ , 1230 AM.  To listen to Glenn’s interview simply click this link:Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link