Examining the pros and cons of using a PR agency 


NSI  interviews Barry Epstein


In today’s marketplace most of us know the difference between an advertisement, and an article written about your business by the media or a reporter.  There is something about an editorial written by an independent source that is much more convincing than an advertisement that everyone knows was written by the business, for the business, in hopes of creating more business.  If you pick up a magazine and you read a review of a restaurant and it was given a five-star rating, I bet you are more apt to be willing to try that new restaurant then you would be if you just happened to see an ad for that establishment. 

So then the question arises as to how you get media coverage?  The answer to that is a simple one.  You need a great PR agency behind you and behind your business. A good press release is a starting point. The media is just waiting for something they can dig their teeth into.  So if you are that good thing, how are they going to find out about you?  It’s not as easy as it seems. Writing a great press release takes skill. The right PR agent can open doors for you, book interviews for you on top rated TV shows and get you noticed by millions of people just by using their tools and skills within the marketplace.  So the question remains open as to why many businesses fail to recognize the importance of PR when they are planning their promotional strategy?  Publicity created by an independent source works magic to promote your brand and your business.

Barry Epstein,  the President and CEO of Barry R. Epstein Associates, Inc., a successful Public Relations firm visits with NSI. He shares his extensive history as a leader  within the  Chamber of Commerce , and his passion for the Public Relations industry.   Barry says, “A public relations firm must  provide professional services based on the premise that effective public relations entails more than simply managing media coverage and exposure. For a client’s message to stand strong and solid, we believe that public relations and marketing must function in harmony and balance. This philosophy, and our experience in both areas, give us – and our clients – a distinct advantage.”

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