Do you totally understand the bible?  I think many of us know some of its powerful messages, but find the entire scripture overwhelming.  The Bible is a collection of 73 books written over the course of many centuries.  To truly understand the numerous messages within the Bible, it takes concentration and dedication. There have been many interpretations of the Bible throughout time and slightly different in various religious communities, however this book , God’s March To The New Jerusalem uses simplicity  to explain many of the questions that surround the Bible and it’s teachings.

Today, on Dancing On Our Disabilities, Dr. Shirley Vaughn joins us. She is an amazing visionary and a great interpreter of the bible and it’s teachings. Shirley’s faith in God helped her to overcome some emotional challenges in her own life.

 Dr. Shirley Vaughn is the author of “God’s March to the New Jerusalem” and a public speaker on the subject of God’s plan and Biblical prophecy and it’s presence on modern times. As the world turns and current times continue to be challenging, many people are turning to the word of God for guidance and direction. If you have limited knowledge about the Bible, it can be overwhelming. This book explains the sriptures in simple language.

She worked on her book for over 15 years and it was initially her masters thesis…but her professors had other ideas and advised it was PhD level work.

Shirley enjoys sharing her own unique insight about her topic and provides anyone attending one of her lectures about ” God’s March to the new Jerusalem”  food for thought and a different perspective.

Her topics cross and encompass all faiths and are appropriate for any congregation, university, motivational, or inspirational event.

To listen to Dr. Shirley J. Vaughn’s interview, click here:  Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link