Dr. Shirley Garrett

Continually moving in a Positive Direction

We have all been told  that  a healthy body and mind,  some daily exercise,  and a  passionate attitude,  is all we need to be successful and move in a positive direction throughout life.  We all accept that theory.  However, what do you do when things fall apart despite the fact that you have been doing everything right?

We can’t control what happens around us, however when it comes to our own lives, we are the only one who does have control. Eliminating stress and worry is something that is extremely necessary  for all  of us, as we go forth in a world filled with anxiety. The big question always arises as to how do we do that when all we hear is negative conversations about the future. I have found that carefully selecting whom we surround ourselves with is very important.  Other people effect what we think and feel whether we are consciously aware of that or not.

When adversity gets in our way, people usually  start out believing they are strong and can handle anything  that comes their way.  We flex our muscles  and get ready to fight back.  That’s really terrific and shows real spirit. However, in the long run it would be a heck of a lot easier if we reached out for support long before the rubber hits the road.

Dr.Shirley Garrett, psychotherapist, author,coach, and speaker visited Never Say Impossible and shared her life’s mission. She is compassionate and knowledgeable.  Not only does she share her own frightening health experiences with us, she offers some sound wisdom on how to move in a positive direction, emotionally and physically.

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