Left to right: Brenda Robinson, Linda Hurley, Charlene Wilkinson and  guest speaker Myra Goldick.

The Design Your Destiny  event at Unity of Delray can change your life!  Learn more here:

Inspiring speakers, yoga, meditation, discussion, labyrinth and more! Participants must register by Wednesday. March 13 by calling 561-276-5796. There is no admission fee. This retreat is given on a love offering basis. Unity of Delray Beach.


Brenda, Linda and Charlene are the creators of an amazing event at the Unity of Delray Beach, March 16th 2013.  It is an all day event that can change the way you think about your life. Unity of Delray is a church that empowers thousands of individuals and families to embrace their divinity and accept the abundance of health, wealth, happiness, love, harmony and perfect self-expression that God has provided. Unity of Delray Beach is an expanding center of Christ light, mighty to attract its good and to radiate good to others.


What do you think \”Design Your Destiny \” means?

We all have preconceived ideas as to what fate may have in store for us. Hopefully, a good deal of the time we believe we are heading in the direction that we envision to be the very best scenario. However, sometimes doubts pop up and those dark thoughts can cause us to lose our way and perhaps even our faith in ourselves. Once we lose faith we develop fear. Fear is a lack of faith that compounds and creates confusion.

What is faith anyway?  Faith in an intangible thing that each and everyone of us is gifted with at birth.  Think back to when you were a toddler.  Remember being tossed in the air by a family member ?  Babies don\’t worry about being dropped because they have complete faith that they will be caught by someone they love. Fear does not exist  within  a young babies mind because faith negates it. Somewhere along the journey between blind faith as a baby and adulthood, doubts creep in for all sorts of reasons. That is when many of us stop believing wonderful things await us in our future and start fearing the worst.  We question ourselves, and the universe?

What do we do to get back on track when that happens?  I believe it starts by looking within and taking a peek at why we have lost our way.  Think of it this way, if you don\’t really believe in yourself and your ability to created your own destiny, how are you going to realize your dreams?  You have already let doubt enter your mind and doubt can change your destiny. Once you allow it in, getting rid of it takes a little work. It\’s time to do some house cleaning. The magic you are searching for  is right there in your own mind.  Your own mind can erase and wipe away your fears. Yes, it\’s within you, just as it was when you were a baby.  It does take some self  brain washing to free yourself from negative thinking.  However, if you are willing to fight against fear, you can begin to Design Your Destiny.

Daylong Retreat/Workshop Features Empowering

Speaker Presentations March 16

A great event lead by Brenda, Charlene, and Linda along with four great speakers:  Les Grene, Davis Rogers, Dan Carballeria, and Myra Goldick

Listen to NSI radio!

Charlene Wilkinson visits with \”Never Say Impossible Radio\”  and gives  an uplifting informative interview:

Click here to listen: Design Your Destiny

Join us at the Unity of Delray Beach on March 16th at 9 am.









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