Have you heard the expression, “you are what you eat”?  I’ll bet anything that you have. In addition, we all  know that it is a true statement scientifically.   However, is the same analogy true of what you think?

I’ll  guess that you have also heard that you can think your way into success by controlling what you’re thinking. Well,  I’m  one of those people who totally believes in positive thinking as the beginning of any  idea or action plan.  All success stories have to begin with positive thinking. It’s actually very simple.   If someone  does not  think something is going to occur, the odds are automatically against that something occurring. Most people will not put in the effort or passion in to make that “something” occur and with that lack of enthusiasm , usually nothing happens.

Where does success start?  Ask any athlete, what came first, the dream, the work, or the success?  Try that question with others that you believe are successful or just ask yourself?  The Dream always comes first and then the work follows.

Never Say Impossible Radio interviews Ken Bossone, founder of “The World Positive Thinkers Club” . Ken has spent over a decade researching other peoples success stories and has found a common thread that works every time. He has written about it extensively in his book ‘”Why Positive Thinkers have The Power”.  It’s a great read and full of useful information.

Recently Ken used positive thinking to assist him fight a life threatening illness.  I invite you to listen to this amazing story by Ken Bossone.  He talks freely about using his mind  and positive thinking along  the work of  his medical professionals wrier preforming  to help over come his pain during  bladder and prostate surgery . Meet Ken:

Ken Bossone

Visit my Talkshoe.com and scroll for episode 7 with Ken Bossone: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-126304/TS-722059.mp3