Imagine for one moment that you had a genetic predisposition to various kinds of drug addictions. Unaware of the danger of using recreational drugs, as you started your young life on an upward path in the field of entertainment,  you suddenly no longer viewed one drink of alcohol or a marijuana joint as an occasional social pass time, but more of a desperate necessity? Lets be honest, many of us way when we were young adults played with fire. Most of us don’t get burned.

What would you do if you did get burned? It’s highly unlikely that you would know that you were beginning to enter the dark side and the life of an addict. Admitting you have a problem sadly is the biggest issue. Often you choose friends, associates and partners that are on the same path as you, which only makes accessibility easier. When you step into quicksand, you don’t always realize if that you’re being dragged under. Martí MacGibbon has experienced the devastation of poor choices in her life which led her down the road of drug abuse, physical abuse, sex trafficking, and organized crime.The good news is that Marti had the strength to rebuild her life.

Today Marti MacGibbon a standup comedian, speaker, recovery specialist, author and trainer speaks openly and freely about her life. She discusses what she learned and experienced with honesty and courage. I am proud and honored to have had Marty visit Never Say impossible and Dancing On Our Disabilities Internet radio. You will learn a lot from this outstanding, talented, and generous woman. Click on the link below to listen to Marti .

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