When life is not what you expect and suffering and hardship enter the picture, the one thing a person needs during their battle to overcome adversity is support, love, friendship, kindness,and above all acceptance.  All to often, when we are in acute emotional pain, we with draw, fearing criticism and judgement by others. Instinctively we hide believing society  does not understand the depth of our pain. This is particularly true of Traumatic Brain Injury which has been misunderstood for centuries.  All over the world people who experienced TBI feel they were totally alone.

Through the advancement of technology and the internet, one very special woman has created a community of global support for survivors of TBI.  Young or old, you are welcomed into Deborah Berry‘s online community of “Survivors Pay It Forward”.  In her book titled the same, Deborah has put together a beautiful array of  100 hundred true-life stories of  courage, wisdom, kindness and truth.

Deborah Berry wants you to share your story with the world for the good of humanity. If you are a survivor of a traumatic brain injury or stroke, a war hero, if you have lived through a natural disaster, or you have faced extreme hardship, you are a part of a growing army of survivors who will inspire others to follow on the path to success.

Listen to Deborah’s own personal story of survival by clicking the arrow below.