Everyone speaks about toughness and believes they have utilized their mental muscles at various times in their life.  The question I am asking now is, ” have you really pushed youeself to the limit and was it enough to get you over the bump is the road”?

Very often we exercise and we do the best we can, however we don’t use the right muscles. Ultimately we are wasting lots of time and not seeing the results of our hard work.  In my humble opinion, one must first learn how to exercise from a pro to become a champion yourself. Mind exercise is exactly the same as a full body workout, or learning any other skill. First, above all, we must learn how to use a new skill and then it will take hard work and practice to become great at any new art form you have just learned.

One of the most accomplished Mental Toughness Coaches I have ever heard on this topic is Dr. Larry Koenig.

Larry Koenig, Ph.D. is the founder of Up With Youth and the author of Smart Discipline—America’s most widely used system of discipline. His work has been featured on PBS, NPR and in People Magazine, Woman’s World, Parents Magazine and the Associated Press (AP).

The major premise of his book, Mental Toughness, is that while perseverance is necessary to achieve audacious goals, a person can get knocked off the path to success by all kinds of obstacles. When plans get wrecked, a person needs the mental toughness necessary to get back on track and stay in the game regardless of the challenges. Dr. Koenig does an exceptional job of showing the reader how to develop this kind of mind set.

In sum, what is really good about this book are the strategies that anyone can use to build their mental toughness; the kind of mental toughness that is required to achieve big goals. And, along the way the author treats you to unforgettable stories; the kind that alter your mood and propel you past formidable barriers.

 The following is an interview of this amazing master of Mental Toughness: