Recently I received this email that totally attracted my attention and begin a major shift in the way I approach social media. This is what the email said and I quote:

“Hi, Myra…

You’re not alone in struggling to make social social media

produce leads and sales. I’m here to help and today I’m going

to rock your socks off.


People *will* buy your product or service using social media.

BUT getting liked on Facebook or followed on Twitter

won’t get the job done. When it comes to social media, your

customers decide to buy based on a business’s ability to deliver

some results before the actual purchase. Think of how YOU buy these

days, after all.


I know that sounds scary but this is where blogs, videos

and Facebook pages (content, articles, knowledge) can help.


I admit it sounds like a lot of work. But I’ve found

a systematic, practical and profitable way to court customers…

a way for you to prove to them that investing in your product or

service will give them full results.  


Click the link and let me show you how easy this can be…


All the best,

Jeff Molander”


Now, I am passing it on to you. Here is my question to you.  Are you fed up with all the time you are spending on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and every other application out there? Do you have tons of cyber friends that share lots of good thoughts with you?  Are several the posts you read filled with every inspirational quote that has ever been written? I must admit, those quotes do help on a gloomy day and I did meet many really terrific people. However, I don’t know about you. The fact remains that I’m spending too many hours and building contacts everywhere and not seeing the business boosting results I expected to produce. Why not? I love people and I also like to chat. I thought the rest would just happen, like magic. I was disappointed, so I just posted more often. Social media was beginning to run my life! I thought that all I needed to do was make cyber friends and the out come would have a big payoff in my professional life. Foolishly, as an Internet talk show host, I believed my listener base would naturally grow larger. Yes, I made friends, and the listenership did expand. However, it was far less than expected. I did discover that the new listeners were far less than all the FB and Twitter posts I found myself answering. What was going on and what was my mistake?

One day I just had to raise my hands in frustration and let out an earth scattering scream. After all the chatting and friend making I was doing on line, there was very little growth in my numbers. I was getting hundreds of emails and posts daily, but I found that my actual business was suffering because I did not understand the method the top Internet marketers were using.  All that work was a waste of energy and time.

 Now what?  Should I rely on social media at all?  The answer was absolutely yes! The truth is using the entire social media applications is the wrong approach. Even though you have many to choose from, one a few may suit your audience or customers. Start researching where your customer base is hanging out and then join in.

I am a talk show host, and of course. I wanted lots of listeners, which would want to buy my guests products, books and CD’s.  I just wasn’t growing fast enough. Logic told me if social network marketing works for some marketers, there must be a smart way to go about using social media. I was determined to find out what that method was.

I needed a new plan. After some research, I found Jeff Molander, social media marketing expert and author of ” Off The Hook Marketing’. I started by reading his book and downloading some of the FREE valuable information he was offering on his website. What Jeff was teaching made so much sense. He zeroed in on “How to Make Social Media Sell For You.” Jeff explained how a simple three-step behavior modification could turn into new leads and generate business.

Please allow me to quote his words. “There’s one thing you can start doing immediately that will show you how to make precious time you invest in social media pay you back.” Now that sounded like music, and I wanted to learn more.

If you are curious and are hungry to find out what this time proven three step process is, check out Jeff Molander’s site. I promise you that you will be happy you did. It’s not a magic wand, but it will guide you in the direction you need to go if you are marketing yourself or a business using social media. What are you waiting for?

To find out up to date information contact Jeff Molander directly.  You’ll be glad you did.