Have you ever read Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill? If not, may I humbly suggest that you do so as soon as possible. I can honestly say that I have read the book, focusing on special sections, over 10 times. I have even gone so far as to keep a CD player and earphones on my night table just for safekeeping, and easy access should there be an area of weakness or doubt, which may creep into my mind in the wee small hours of the morning.

In early 2011, I was at home recovering from some very serious spine surgery. It was not the most uplifting. Of my life and I had to struggle with some growing anxiety. Yes, once again, I referred back to the book and the wonderful lessons within it’s pages regarding the Law of Attraction. For those of you who have never put the Law of Attraction into practice you may doubt or question what I’m about to tell you.


During that lonely and long recovery almost at the exact time that I decided I was quite interested in the value that joining a mastermind might offer me, seemingly out of the blue, Ros Kaspi entered my life. She offered me the opportunity to join Speak Out and Succeed, a mastermind group she had just formed. It’s hard to believe how it all came to be and how I know that my desire was so strong that miraculously the opportunity presented itself to me.

I have been a member of this very special mastermind group for almost a year now. Wow, it’s quite an experience. As the host of the Never Say Impossible Show and the proud member of Speak Out and Succeed mastermind group, I recommend joining a mastermind group with the same goals and ┬ádesires that you are persuing. Several minds working together create a powerful energy.