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Living Through Art, Inc. offers personal coaching, products, and mentoring with Myra

Life has taught me many lessons and sharing what I have learned with you is my goal. My personal knowledge and experience on transitioning through life while facing major obstacles in both my personal and professional life, has equipped me to assist you to  find the right products and use the tools provided in “Focused Unstuck and Back in Action.”  Personal Coaching is focused on the individual, and is  one-on-one coaching for both personal development and achievement.  It’s all about enriching your life and guiding you on the path to reach your greatest potential regardless of adversities. Together we will uncover where you are are on your current life path and where you want to be in the future.  Don’t struggle alone.  I can help you develop your dream and work with you to design a plan for the life you want to live.  Change is never easy alone.

Together we can explore your strengths and weaknesses and develop a list of skills that need to be acquired or strengthened to accomplish the plan you have created despite obstacles and setbacks.  You will find your own power to transcend through life’s disappointments and adversities. You can and will create happiness in your life no matter what.  Passion, creativity, acceptance, gratitude, and reinvention are the 5 tools I share with others to motivate them to develop a life rich with personal fulfillment and joy.

As we work together we carefully consider everything in your plan and break it down into a step-by-step set of goals for the achievement of your dreams.  Transitioning becomes an easy method as we address goal setting, organization, and the management of information together.


No matter what one is trying to accomplish in life, people and relationships are at the core of it. An individual who feels disempowered by circumstances cannot effectively pursue their personal goals without someone to help mentor them and hold them accountable.

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Cover of book Focused, Unstuck and Back in Action

Product #1

Receive a copy of Focused, Unstuck, and Back in Action

Two Individual One-Hour Coaching Sessions

Total Price $97.00


Product #2

Receive a copy of Focused, Unstuck, and Back in Action

Dancing on Your Disabilities-Never say Impossible to Your Dreams

Three – 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

Two – Email Questions & Answers

Total Price $297.00


All Myra’s art work is available in paper prints,framed or unframed, as well as in giclee’s on canvas framed or unframed, and greeting cards in a variety of sizes.