Why I Choose to Blog and Write

There are infinite reasons why an individual would venture into the world of authorship, blogging, or any other form of creative writing.

Everyone has a reason. For some it is a way to make a living, and for others it is simply for the love of writing. Researchers must publish their findings; advertisers must create compelling ad copy and so they write and publish their work. I could go on forever, but I can only tell you why I personally chose to express myself through text.

  • The number one reason for me is that it is a form of creativity. A magical way to remove myself from the here and now and create pictures with words. It is a method of healing my spirit in the same way painting a new canvas with beautiful colors does. All creativity starts with a single thought. An idea that springs into our imagination and creates a bright light in the same manor a candle burns when the wick is ignited. I find blogging a quick fix. Writing a book is a much longer process.
  • The countless hours and effort involved in the creativity process disappear instantly when the work is complete.
  • The second reason I chose to write is that it is a highly effective way to share information. Life is a journey and we are all travelers passing through time. What better way is there to empower others with the knowledge you have accumulated on your journey? We are always learning from one another. When we read, we are opening our minds to the thoughts and experiences of others, whether your choice is fiction or non-fiction material.
  • The third reason is my desire to make a difference in the lives of others. My journey has taught me many lessons that I wish to share. Perhaps I can spare another from making the same mistakes I have made. Time is a wise instructor.

I hope you enjoy the books I have written. However, even if they go unread, I have become just a little stronger, truthful, and fulfilled in the process of writing them. My wish is that you live your life to the highest potential and are filled with happiness that you share with all your fellow travelers.

Cover of book Focused, Unstuck and Back in ActionFocused, Unstuck, and Back In Action is a workbook in which I share the secret to getting out of a rut and free of procrastination and fear. I have used this method, which was taught to me by a mentor my entire life to create meaning, purpose and passion in my existence. It is easy to follow and can really help change your life. . Focused, Unstuck, and Back in Action is about the fine art of reinvention.

In Dancing on Our Disabilities-Never Say Impossible to Your Dreams it is my mission to inspire others through example. I’m living proof that Happiness is DancingOnDisabilities-smalla choice. If I discovered how to go from deep despair to happiness, anyone can. I am so passionate about happiness, I write about it in my books, talk about at seminars, and share it with the world. Dancing on Your disabilities is a personal story of survival and ultimately a guide to happiness.

Mastering the Art of SuccessMastering the Art of Success– I joined Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Jack Canfield and so many other talented people. In this unique book, you will discover a wealth of information written by some of the most successful, creative and passionate entrepreneurs in the business world today. This collaboration of information, inspiration, and motivation is a collection of personal stories and viewpoints written in an easy to read format. You will not be able to put it down.